Reclaims Online Car Credit Refund Claim

Reclaims Online Car Credit Claims

Reclaims Online Car Credit Refund Claim

Mis-sold a Car Finance Loan? We can help you claim the compensation you deserve from your vehicle finance company.

Reclaims Online Car Finance Claims

My Car Credit Car Finance Refund Claims

Evolution Funding, the most prominent car finance provider in the UK, owns My Car Credit. Since 2002, Evolution Funding has provided auto financing to clients through countrywide networks of car dealers and directly to them through My Car Credit on the Internet.

My Car Credit promises a car finance rate convenient to you. Doorstep lender Provident Financial owns and operates the auto credit firm. Customers can use this company to finance their purchase of a car, motorcycle, or van.

My Card Credit states they provide fast online decisions based on the customer’s circumstances and credit profile in their marketing materials.

What is Car Finance?

You can own a car without having to pay for its total amount because of the car finance option. With that, you can spread the total costs of buying a vehicle within a period. In the sense that you borrow money to buy the car and then pay it back over time, auto financing is similar to taking out a loan of any kind.

Typically, car finance allows you to spread the costs within these periods:

  • 24 months
  • 60 months

However, you must note that the longer you have to pay for monthly instalments, the higher the APR will be, though the monthly instalments may be lower. The annual percentage rate, also known as the APR, is the fee or cost you will have to pay to borrow the money.

Car Finance Claims Reclaims Online

My Car Credit APR:

For a loan with My Car Credit, the APR ranges from 6.9% to 14.99%. The 14.9% APR is available to 51% of My Car Credit customers. And we can assist you in obtaining compensation if your My Car Credit auto loan has caused you damages.

Car Finance Types:

  • Hire Purchase
  • Conditional Sale
  • Personal Contract Purchase 
  • Personal Loan
  • Guarantor Loan
  • Lease Loan

For instance, in a loan of £7,500 at an APR of 14.9%, a fixed annual interest rate of 14.85%, 47 monthly payments of $204.69 followed by one fee of £214.69, a deposit of £0, the cost of credit would be £2,335.12. Total payable £9,835.12.

Only UK residents aged 18 and above are eligible for this loan.

My Car Credit is registered at Smeckley Wood Close, Chesterfield, S41 9PZ Evolution Funding Ltd trading as My Card Credit.

Can My Car Credit reimburse me for my car loan?

Irresponsible lending can sometimes be hard to determine. Listed below are some examples of situations where you may have been mis-sold a car finance package:

  • Agent misled you about the finance agreement.
  • You couldn’t pay back, even the monthly payment.
  • The interest charges were unclear.
  • You were offered an unnecessary add-on.
  • You were told it was the best deal.
  • You weren’t given many options.
  • It’s unclear who pays for the vehicle repairs.
  • The dealer or finance company did not specify who owns the vehicle.

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